The traditional “cake with coffee” hour in Germany

In England there is afternoon tea, and in Germany, there is the time for “Kaffee und Kuchen” (coffee with cake). Look at the danger to the diet! ?
Germans do not usually like very sweet flavors, they even think that our Brazilian delicacies are too sweet. So when you’re here, don’t be surprised if the pie is not very sweet or sour, it’s super normal (and I love it!) ?

And if it is difficult to choose between both beautiful and tasty cake, the same thing is with coffee. It has a menu with espresso, latte machiatto, cappuccino, American, “normal” coffee, with or without milk, etc.

Oh, and coffee is taken without sugar! But if you want with, there is always sugar, sweetener and cinnamon available.

When you’re here, be sure to try the local cakes and pies, often prepared with fruits that you can only find here. It is also a great choice for those who love berries, as they are more easily found in Europe.

Are you served? 🙂

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