Meet Schwerin and its charming palace

A city almost intact and one of the most beautiful palaces in Germany.

The city of Schwerin is approximately 110 km away from Hamburg and it’s famous for its palace, the Schweriner Schloss. The city is the capital of the State of Mecklenburg-Vorpormmern and it’s located between the north and the east part of the country. Schwerin belonged to the extinct East Germany, the DDR, but its History comes from the 10th Century.

Downtown Schwerin, unline many German cities, was little attacked during World War II, and because of that, it’s possible to walk through its streets and admire beautiful façades from different styles: half-timbered (Fachwerkhäuser), neo-classical and even art nouveau (20th Century). A couple of buildings from the Communist period are also there, but the ones that are really impressive come from the royalty of Mecklenburg, such as the Arsenal.

From all the buildings, certainly the most impressive is the Schwerin Palace. The palace is located in an island connected to the city by two bridges, between the Schweriner See and the Burgsee lakes. This ins an interesting spot, for it’s rare to find castles and palaces in an urban area. Which means: whenever you go to Schwerin, besides meeting the beautiful city, a few minutes from downtown Schwerin you are contemplated with this view:

The Schwerin Palace

The foundation of a castle in this island still date from the 10th Century, a time where the region was occupied by the Slavic tribes. Throughout the centuries, the palace got new wings and, what we know today, was built gradually between the 16th and the 19th Centuries. The most recent part of the palace was inspired on the Chambord Château, in France.

The Schwerin palace is also the Parliament House from the State of Mecklenburg-Vorpormmern, but some parts are open to public visitation. The interior of the palace, in addition to being very beautiful, such as the throne room, the incredible wooden library, also has a view to the lake and the gardens (Burggarten). It’s hard to know which way to look at, because both the internal details of the palace and the natural landscape outside are breathtaking.


Between April and October, it’s possible to visit the Orangerie, a kind of greenhouse to preserve the plants during the Winter.

Schwerin is the smallest capital city of a German State, but that doesn’t make it less charming. The also called ‘city of the seven lakes’ is an excellent option for a one-day trip from Hamburg, and its palace is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful in the country.

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Our tour includes:

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  • Picking up and delivering the group at the hotel
  • Visitation to Schwerin Palace
  • Guided tour in the Historical center and Schwerin gardens

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Our ‘danke!’ to the marketing department of the city (STADTMARKETING Schwerin), for the courtesy of the guided visitation to Schwerin Palace.

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