How to include Hamburg in your European route

Do you want to visit Hamburg, but don’t know how to include the city in your route? Hamburg is up in the north of Germany, almost in Denmark. Between Amsterdam and Berlin, the city is a great choice for those who are taking a cruise through de Nordic countries, or those who want to take a break on the trip between the Netherlands and Germany. Even so, if your route is more focused on European capitals, or in the south of Germany (or Austria and Switzerland), you can include Hamburg in your plans. So, have you already planned your route, or is still undecided? Here are some tips.

Itineraries for various parts of Europe including Hamburg

North – East / North – West

1 – From Hamburg, going to Berlin, then Dresden and countries to the east (Poland and/or Czech Republic)

2 – Hamburg – Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg), maybe taking a little of Germany in Cologne and Trier, or going down to France.


Another interesting option is going on the many interesting cruises that go through Hamburg to the Scandinavian countries. Or, if your cruise goes through Kiel (north Germany) and you only have one day in town, you can quickly visit Hamburg in one day. It’s approximately 95km away, or about 1h30 by car or train.

South Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Even though there’s no airport the same size as Frankfurt and Munich (which has international flights), Hamburg airport has daily straight flights to many European cities, including flights from Ryanair and easyJet. That way, you can put Hamburg as the beginning or the end of your trip, with a connection to Paris, Rome or London. In Germany, it’s worth looking for bus tickets, which work very well and compete on the same level as the famous train trips. Most times, the price is rewarding, even if the trip takes a little longer. The buses are very punctual and comfortable. To look for bus tickets, I recommend the companies MeinFernBus and ADAC Postbus.



If your route goes through the most famous European capitals, including two days in Hamburg can be a great option. Tip: particularly, I’m not a fan of tight routes, with many cities in one trip. It usually makes the logistic difficult and a lot of interesting things go unnoticed. But if you want to enjoy the time you have traveling the most, and include Hamburg in your route, with two whole days in town, you can see the at least downtown and the harbor.

The map up there has some good suggestions of routes from Hamburg. Depending on the duration of your trip, it’s possible matching routes or adapting them. Anyway, let your curious traveler spirit go wild when you’re planning. Now there are no excuses not to come to Hamburg the next time you travel  😊

See you next time!

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