Guided tours in Hamburg

To really get to know a famous city, it’s not enough to just go through its most famous attractions.

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With a personalized tourist guide, the tour is dedicated only to you and your group. Besides the rides, that can be adapted to your taste, rhythm, and way of traveling, we also have fixed routes for those who want to meet the main city spots in a more detailed way.

Our private tours can be done on foot or in a van with a private driver. We also have special tours with a private bus for groups. Do you have more than one day in Hamburg? We also have guided tours in nearby cities.

Contact us through our e-mail [email protected] informing the dates and cities you wish to visit, and we’ll give you the budget. If possible, contact us as soon as possible, so we can plan your trip better.


Now we are also in Viagem Alemanha for routes and tours in other parts of Germany!


Guides tours in Hamburg

The main spots of the city, in a detailed way. For those who haven’t met Hamburg, or for those who have, but really want to know and get charmed by the city.

Historical Hamburg

From the Harbor and its navigators in the Middle Age to the bunkers and marks for the World War II, this tour is a trip through time that takes us to the places that have marked the over 1,000 years of History of the city. For those who love History.

Guided tour to the local brewery

Have you ever thought of visiting a local brewery of Hamburg? Getting to know its History, knowing what the ‘German Beer Purity Law’ is, understanding the whole brewing process and, of course, tasting the famous beverage traditionally associated with Germany all over the world.

Musical Hamburg and The Beatles

On this tour, we’ll meet the neighborhoods that gather art, gastronomy, music, local tips and the cultural scene of the city. You’ll also meet the path of the Beatles in Hamburg, the city where the band started its international career. For those who love music and want to meet and feel the lifestyle of the place.

Hamburg museums

Miniatur Wunderland, the International Maritime Museum, the History Museum of Hamburg and Chocoversum. You can match which museums you want to visit, and we’ll explain everything to you on the guided tour of the main museums in the city.


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