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Hamburg City Hall, the Rathaus

One of the most impressive landscapes from Hamburg is, definitely, the building of the Hamburg City Hall (Rathaus). After the big fire of 1842, a good part of the ancient downtown Hamburg had to be rebuilt, including the old City […]

How to include Hamburg in your European route

Do you want to visit Hamburg, but don’t know how to include the city in your route? Hamburg is up in the north of Germany, almost in Denmark. Between Amsterdam and Berlin, the city is a great choice for those […]

Internationales Maritimes Museum (International Maritime Museum of Hamburg)

More than a huge and fascinating museum, the Internationales Maritimes Museum (IMMH) has an amazing History, which starts with a personal collection and the passion of a boy for navigation. The International Maritime Museum (which I will call by its […]

Fish and Seafood vocabulary in German

During a trip to North Germany, it’s common to find many Seafood dishes on the menu, especially fish. After all, we have the North Sea on one side and the Baltic on the other. Although we are in the sausage […]

Meet Schwerin and its charming palace

A city almost intact and one of the most beautiful palaces in Germany. The city of Schwerin is approximately 110 km away from Hamburg and it’s famous for its palace, the Schweriner Schloss. The city is the capital of the […]

Hans and Oskar Gerson – two brothers, the World War II and the modern architecture on Hamburg

More than the headquarters of a store and chocolate museum, the Meßberg building, number 1, in Hamburg, carries a strong and sad story. The building was projected in the 1920’s by the brothers Hans and Oskar Gerson, also responsible by […]

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