Boating in Hamburg

The city-state of Hamburg is crossed by the river Elbe, with the city of Hamburg on one side and the city of Finkenwerder and the Altes Land region on the other.


Elbe River – Hamburg


Therefore, in addition to buses, subways and trains, ferries are also part of Hamburg’s public transport network. With the same ticket used to travel in the city by land, the visitor can have access to public ferries (HVV). From Landungsbrücken, in the Sankt Pauli neighborhood, public transport ferries leave at all times. In 1 hour trip – round trip – line 62 of the ferries takes the route Landungsbrücken – Finkenwerder – Landungsbrücken, passing the traditional Fischmarkt (“fish market”), the trendy Altona neighborhood, and the Blankenese mansions.

Mansions in Blankenese

At times, passengers feel as if they are in some coastal region, due to the strips of sand that form small beaches by the river. Arriving at the quiet Finkenwerder, you can enjoy a little more of Hamburg’s maritime atmosphere, but without the hustle and bustle of the city, or just continue on the ferry and wait for the return to the start of the tour. Along the way, it is possible to see several boats from different parts of the world, tourist, commercial, small boats and large ships crossing the extensive Elbe River.

The boats have a covered part, with tables, chairs and bathroom, and it is possible to take bicycles. The terrace, with fewer seats available, is always played during hot days. The ferry service runs every day, starting at 5 am and ending a little after 11 pm. On our last tour we came across a cruise ship and its friendly passengers.

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